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Have a great New Year!
The genie is out of the bottle!
A great hope...

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First of Januari 2011

Have a great New Year!

I have been making my New Year resolutions :-) and I'm sure you have some of your own... One of mine is putting some work in getting everybody informed about what's happening with my musical endeavors this year! Therefore, the birth of my own newsletter. Of course composing and recording my music will be one of the most important things on my list this year and I'm looking forward on sharing some of that music with you!

And yes! All your support on passing on the message of my love for music will be highly appreciated. Check out some of the sharing options on the left side and get yourself a free track - "a Thought for Lisa" - as a New Year present! And euhm.. I was thinking... it would be kind of cool if you'd share a New Year resolution of your own here in the comment box or whatever you wish for in 2011 and we'll meet back up to check in 2012. What do you think about that.! Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true...!

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...genie is out of the bottle...

If you are still reading...I got to tell you about something... something that became more real to me than anything I ever could have imagened. Something amazing as life...


Little one in the womb,

you gonna' have her eyes pretty soon..

Close to me and close to you

And in between us you'll have it good,

and in between us you'll be understood..

Little one in the womb,

you gonna' have our smiles pretty soon..

Just as close to me as it's close to you

And in between us you'll have it good,

and forever in between us you'll be understood..

-My first words and melody for our Noa-

A great hope...

A great hope lies in the heart of every surfer I know. Every single time wishing that mother ocean will provide the most amazing waves to surf upon... This picture just made me remember one of those superb moments..and the smiles that we shared because of it...

Here is an of me and Matthijs De Vries.


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